Keeping an Eye on the Mystery Culprit

I originally contacted ADT Birmingham to have a home security system installed because I wanted to keep my home safe from potential intruders, but I got another benefit from it. The system came with a set of cameras that would record around the outside of my home. Someone’s dog had been leaving their droppings on my lawn and I couldn’t figure out who was doing it, and no one saw anyone come by my home with a dog. I looked on the footage that was recorded with the cameras and found out it was someone who didn’t even live in the neighborhood.

The only way I would be able to stop the person from bringing their dog onto my property would be to catch them in the act, but the person would always walk their dog while I was at work. This meant that I would either have to take off on one of my vacation days just to catch a man and his dog, find some way to make the man think I was at home, or have someone else stay at my home while I was working. The simplest solution for me was to call one of my cousins and ask him if he could watch out for the man and his dog.

On a Monday, I went to work, and my cousin was in the house. He made me breakfast that day, which was pretty nice of him. The man and his dog made their way to m home, just as they usually do. This time, when the dog started to move to my lawn, my cousin ran outside and started yelling at the man and his dog. The dog became scared and ran away and the man ran away with him. I wish I could have been there to see it live, but the security system recorded the incident.

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